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Hair Loss Studies: Stimulation of Hair Growth Copper Peptides

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Publications on SRCPs and Hair Growth 
Study Result Reference
Use of GHK-Cu analogs for hair follicle enlargement and stimulation of hair growth

Methods for the design and testing of copper-peptide complexes with hair growth properties are described.

A wide variety of GHK-Cu analogs were described that increase hair follicle size and increase hair growth in mice and rats. 

US Patent 5,120,831   New metal peptide complexes and derivatives used for stimulating growth of hair in warm-blooded animals, especially humans. Pickart US Patent 5,177,061   Compositions for stimulating hair growth containing cupric complexes of peptide derivatives including. glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine n-octyl ester. Pickart US Patent 5,214,032   New glycyl-histidyl-lysyl copper compounds used in stimulating hair growth. Pickart US 5,550,183   Metal-peptide compositions and methods for stimulating hair growth. Pickart 
Stimulation of hair growth in mice GHK analogs with hydrophobic residues were tested and found to stimulate hair growth in rats. The hair follicle stimulating properties of peptide copper complexes. Results in C3H mice.  Fors, Pickart and Uno  Ann N Y Acad Sci 1991  26;642:468-9 
Stimulation of hair growth in mice and rats The details of hair stimulation by copper peptides was studied by 1) phototrichogram, 2) folliculogram (micro morphometric analysis), and 3) the rate of DNA synthesis in the follicular cells. The effects were essentially a stimulation of the follicular cell proliferation, resulting in an enlargement of the anagen follicles from vellus to terminal type (therapy) or a maintenance of the piebald terminal follicles (prevention). A SRCP (PC1020) had the effect of follicular enlargement on the back skin of fuzzy rats, covering the vellus follicles. Chemical agents and peptides affect hair growth. Uno and Kurata (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA)  J Invest Dermatol 1993 101(1 Suppl):143S-147S
Minimizing hair loss after cancer chemotherapy


Hairloss protection by peptide-copper complex in animal models of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.  Awa and Nogimori Journal Of Dermatological Science, Vol: 10, 1995, 99-104
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Hair growth in rats Stimulation of hair growth in rats   Quantitative Assessment of Peptide-Copper Complex Induced Hair Follicle Stimulation Using the Fuzzy Rat, Uno, Packard, Patt (University of Wisconsin) Dermatological Research Techniques,  (CRC Press), pp-227-239, 1996
Hair growth in rats Stimulation of hair growth in rats with GHK-Cu analogs  Evaluation of Telogen Hair Follicle Stimulation Using an In Vivo Model: Results with Peptide Copper Complexes. Timpe, Dumwiddie, Patt (Procyte Corp.)  Dermatological Research Techniques,  (CRC Press), pp-241-254, 1996
Human study of hair growth with GHK-Cu analog Compared GHK-CU analog in Tricomin with 2% minoxidil. Tricomin 2.5% increased hair count by 97 non-vellus hairs while 2% minoxidil increased count by 73 non-vellus hair  after 3 months  (non-vellus hair count) Procyte Corp. press release  1997
Breakdown resistant, long acting copper-peptides used for stimulation of hair growth Tested copper complexed with protein peptones for hair growth effects in mice. Copper-peptide mixture produced more hair growth in mice than GHK-Cu analogs Pickart  US Patent 5,554,375   Tissue protective and regenerative compositions. 
Review Skin remodeling and hair growth Pickart L, Effect of copper peptides on hair growth and condition, Body Language Dermatology 2004, Number 7, pages 20-22
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Study of human follicles in organ culture AHK-Cu increased follicular cell growth while decreasing progrmmed cell death (apoptosis) Pyo HK, Yoo HG, Won CH, Lee SH, Kang YJ, Eun HC, Cho KH, Kim KH, The effect of tripeptide-copper complex on human hair growth, Arch Pharm Res 2007, vol 7, 834-839.