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Tech Gadgets: The next Generation WD digital My Passport portable hard drive

The next generation Western Digital My Passport portable hard drives deliver up to 2TB memory. The new WD My Passport portable hard drive is the perfect storage solution and supports software like WD SmartWare and Security for password protection and backup purposes. "More than money, jewelry and other valuables, the item most missed if ever lost is one's computer - and everything on it - so our goal in launching the next-generation of the popular My Passport drives is to encourage more consumers to protect their data before something happens," cited Jim Welsh, executive vice president and general manager of WD's branded products and consumer electronics groups.


  • Back up your hard drive faster
  • Encryption software included
  • New design is sleek and stylish
  • Available in 5 colors namely silver, blue, red, black and white
  • available memory capacity 2TB, 1.5 TB, 1 TB, 750GB, 500GB


What we think: The WD My Passport next generation digital portable hard drive

The outer shell of the new WD My Passport next generation digital portable hard drive is designed to be resistant to scratches and blemishes or fingerprints. It features USB 3.0 connectivity along with USB 2.0 support. Notably, the peripheral is easily customizable, which means that users can use it as they need to. Everyone is different, and we all use our computers in a different way for various reasons. The new flexibility is offered in terms of the manageable content and its use with or without the bundled software.

What we think

This portable hard drive is resistant to scratches and even fingerprints. It works with a USB 3.0 connectivity or with USB 2.0 support. The bundled software provided can be uninstalled if the user prefers not to use it. However, the encryption software included makes this a great reason to keep the bundled software.


This portable hard drive is perfect for everyone, it's difficult to find something wrong with it. Although the drive looks rugged, you still need to protect it. Fortunately, WD has what is called its Nomad Rugged Case that is inexpensive and works perfect with this portable hard drive.