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Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Kindle PaperWhite

Amazon has released updates to its line of all new Kindle Family and two new versions of its Kindle Fire HD. This comes as great news to those that aren’t Apple iPad followers.

A newer version of the Kindle is now available, the kindleKindle Paperwhite. It is thinner and turns pages 15 percent faster than the previous model. The Kindle PaperWhite has a new high-contrast screen that makes it easier to read. This is a hit with those that like to read in the dark because it is lighted from the bottom. Amazon has seven models ranging from a basic $70 black and white screen e-reader to a $600 color tablet.

The Kindle Fire HD challenges the iPad in several areas. It has an 8.9-inch display, compared to the iPad’s current 9.7 inches. It is the highest resolution of any Kindle Fire, with rich color and deep contract. It is ideal for movies, apps, and gaming. The Kindle Fire HD boasts a front-facing camera with built in Skype video conferencing software which allow it to go go toe to toe with the front-facing camera on the iPad and Apple’s FaceTime video conferencing. Similar to the iPad, the new Kindle Fire will offer 16 or 32 gigabytes of storage. The Kindle Fire HD has custom Dolby audio and dual stereo speakers for crisp, rich sound. It has over 23 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, books and audiobooks which can be downloaded. The ultra-fast web browsing and streaming with built in dual- band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi takes it a step ahead.



The new Kindle Fire HD with its 8.9-inch screens includes a Wi-Fi-only version will have a base price of $269 for 16GB ( $299 for 32GB) and a 4G LTE model ($399 for 32GB and $499 for 64GB). This undercuts the iPad by nearly $300 making it more affordable to the masses. The baseline iPad costs $500, although Apple does sell an older model for $400. Even more interesting, Amazon is offering a $500 version of the Kindle Fire HD that will have cellular data connectivity, and priced lower than Apple’s least expensive iPad with cellular connectivity, which goes for $630.

The new X-ray feature for movies played on its Kindle Fire HD will allow viewers the ability to click on an actor in a movie and instantly find out more about him or her using the IMDb.com move and TV database,  that is owned by Amazon.
Not to be outdone by Google who introduced a seven-inch tablet, called the Nexus 7 for $200, Amazon has an upgraded version of a 7-9 inch color screen Kindle Fire tablet for $159.

Kindle HDAmazon has a different marketing approach than Apple. It has continually worked with a number of partners which include Facebook, Microsoft and game developers to come up with applications made specifically for the Kindle Fire HD. It offers the apps for sale through its site, along with other material like video, music and books.
While offering devices at the top end of the market, Amazon also is appealing to the bottom end of the market with its $120 Paperwhite device, adding a light system. The battery of the Kindle Paperwhite can last up to eight weeks. A version of the Paperwhite with free cellular data service runs around $180. All are available now from Amazon.


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