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Hair Loss: Lowering Testorone May Benefit Hair Growth

Many hair growth therapies focus on either reducing testosterone or DHT effects in the body. Many men worry about the potential effects of of reducing testosterone effects. There is actually very little to worry over.


Blood Testosterone and Employment Status
Occupation Blood Testosterone Level and Standard Deviation (nanograms/deciliter)
Unemployed 720 +/- 12
Production Workers and Assembly Line 705 +/- 8
Operator and Laborer 695 +/- 11
Service Industries 690 +/- 21
Technical and Sales 668 +/- 9
Professional or Manager 640 +/- 10
Farmer 626 +/- 22


The above data is from studies conducted by James McBride Dabbs in his book on testosterone and behavior "Heroes, Rogues, and Lovers: Testosterone and Behavior" ( McGraw Hill, 2000).


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In modern advanced cultures, somewhat lower testosterone appear to be of great benefit. Men with highest testosterone levels have lower incomes, lower social status, more unstable relationships, and more difficulty in life. For our ancestors 20,000 years ago, individual strength and aggression were critical to survival.

But obtaining rewards in modern cultures usually require patience, cunning, and interpersonal skills.


The use of anti-androgens and DHT blockers may improve male health. Testosterone has often been suspected as a cause of the increased heart disease in men. Studies of men who were castrated in the 1920's in the USA found that they lived an average of 13.6 years longer than comparable men. In contrast, smoking one pack of cigarettes daily reduces one's life span by an average of 4.9 years. (Hamilton & Mesler 1969).


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Effects of Testosterone Levels on Behavior
Level of Testosterone Negatives Positives
High Testosterone Higher Unemployment. More prone to violence. Fewer stable relationships. More Interpersonal conflict. Lower social status. More arrests and imprisonment. Better at armed combat. More muscular. Better at concentrating on single project. More direct approach to problems. Better as trial lawyers. Would have an advantage in a more primitive, less civilized society
Moderate In modern, advanced societies there are few negatives Higher income. More stable relationships. More social status. Higher education. Better verbal skills. Better as corporate lawyers.
Very Low Little interest in sex. Little interest in domination of others. No male pattern baldness. Live 13.6 years longer than average men


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