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The Blood Sugar Solution

The Blood Sugar Solution

Maybe you've seen Dr. Mark Hyman, in the news lately. His new book, The Blood Sugar Solution, has soared to the top of The New York Times and Amazon.com bestsellers lists, and it promises to revolutionize how we think about our health, way we treat high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes.



Too busy right now to read an entire book?

No problem.

Now you can learn the core principles and steps of his Blood Sugar Solution — the "essentials" — in a special DVD presentation that puts you on the path to a healthier life in one fast-paced and information-packed hour.


It's called The Blood Sugar Solution DVD, and you can click here now to get the details directly from Dr. Hyman.


You won't be disappointed. By following the simple plan Dr. Hyman maps out for you, step by step, you'll experience a cascade of healthy benefits that begin almost immediately. This DIY program is truly more powerful than any prescription drug in the world.


The Blood Sugar Solution is the best way yet to achieve blood sugar health and prevent life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. But there's so much more to like about it:

  • Pounds will melt away, almost automatically, until you reach your ideal weight, whether you need to lose 10 or 100 pounds.

  • Your energy will soar and so will your overall strength and stamina.
  • Your mood will improve, (and how could it not when you're feeling so good?)

Even problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol will improve, safely and naturally, as the weeks and months go by.



Prescription Drugs Won't Cure Your Blood Sugar Problems. Dr. Hyman's Solution Will.

Dr. Hyman has reversed diabetes in hundreds of patients at his UltraWellness Center in Massachusetts using the very same blueprint you get on this one-hour DVD. His breakthrough Functional Medicine approach actually corrects the hidden root causes of blood sugar problems so that you become genuinely healthy again. Prescription drugs merely paper over the symptoms and keep you trapped in a cycle of illness.


Just click here for more information. Not only does this presentation feature his proven seven-step Blood Sugar Solution for losing weight, preventing disease, and feeling great, it also gives you the low-down on …

  • What you need to know about the metabolic disease called diabesity — the worst unrecognized health epidemic in our history that affects 1 in 2 people today.
  • Why the real culprit isn't blood sugar, but something else that doctors almost never check (and should).
  • The biggest health myths that keep you overweight and sick — and why you can beat diabetes and high blood sugar even if it runs in your family.
  • The three big dietary shifts over the past few generations that have turned on "obesity-triggering" genes in our bodies, and where they're hidden in your food.
  • The best and fastest way to eliminate food cravings and step away from unhealthy foods forever.
  • The "grandmother" test for choosing the foods you eat wisely.
  • And so much more…




What Other Top Medical Doctors are Saying About Dr. Hyman and His Blood Sugar Solution!


"A Groundbreaking, Science-Based, Easy-to-Follow Prescription."

"Dr. Hyman has done it again with a lucid description of the causes of the diabesity epidemic and a powerful treatment program. ... Start your journey to healing now!"

—Mehmet Oz, MD



"You Will Find a New Doorway to Wellness"

"With compassion and authority, Dr. Mark Hyman addresses the real driver of overeating, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. … If you have struggled with weight and ill health, you will find a new doorway to wellness through his solid science-based, personalized solution."

—Deepak Chopra, MD


"Spot-on Accurate."

"The Blood Sugar Solution is spot-on accurate. This is a blueprint for restoring the health of our nation!"

—Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause.



"Diabetes Is Completely Preventable … Dr. Mark Hyman Shows You How."

"Now, the good news: diabetes is completely preventable and even reversible for most people — today — simply by changing diet and lifestyle. In The Blood Sugar Solution, Dr. Mark Hyman shows you how."

—Dean Ornish, MD